Creative Arts Platform / Magazine Brand Identity

SEEN is a platform for the South West's creative community, supporting pioneering, original, and independant arts. Initally the client saw that there was a gap in the market to promote local artists. Altough primarily music focused, they also feature exhibitions, fashion and various other aspects of culture. The platform started life as a simple blog in 2015. The blog promptly evolved into a full creative listings website, and eventually the print magazine was added in 2018. The quick growth and success of the platform now means they are in need of a new brand identity to reflect the cutting edge, experimental nature of what they do. The brand must be bold and engaging to ensure it attracts the attention of the arts community, both locally and worldwide.

So. We need to create a brand, we need to create personality, we need to create the theme of the visual message.

Applications Used / Timescale

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD

Time spent: 26h
Made as a concept project with Briefbox


Creating the logo I started to sketch out a "too cool for school" handwritten line - how a careless handwriting would look like as a logo - and initally ment to be graphically finessed. It evolved from there and got tangled with the simple and bold style of the graphics - the logo has a base of lowcase cursive "seen" and is complected by triangles and circles overlapping eachother. In an artsy, abstract and simple way. The pattern/graphics used in materials give in return the feel of carelessness initally seeked.

The inspiration came from modern kitch, heat-vision goggles and fashion trends that have accompanied various art movements in modern history - pastel kitch, 70s patterns and off-cuts, absurdity in art and in fashion and aestethics in itself as an aestethic - simple and weird and extremely mundane everyday things that are simply put - beautiful in their randomness. ​​​​​​​
Semiotic Tools

That became the basis of every choice - the type, colour palette, photography, layout, Merch - the essence of SEEN. It's pure In it's expression, it's simple and it stays special and interestingly beautiful. ​​​​​​​

The type chosen was to compliment the logotype with bold geometric forms and at the same time to be a big enough family to give flexibility in the editorial form of the magazine and web. ​​​​​​​

Every photo chosen tells a story in it's own. That was the whole concept of the magazine - honest, interesting pieces, both visual and written, staying true to the initial idea, when the platform was created and never compromising art, in whichever form it may come.

I gave 2 different covers (as was asked in the brief) - both attention grabbing and both giving out a strong stand - representing the whole magazine.
Imagery, Signage, Merch

The OOH campaign idea is to give the first page, the photo and the headline and make people interested and leave them wanting more, leave them wanting to read the whole thing, a preview in the streets, in the bus stop, in cafes. Not making promises, not selling - just showing the work, the writing.

The logo acts as a pattern in it's own, the merch is made to be beautiful, recognizable but not too overbearing and loud.
Website, Media

The websites are an "infinite" (playing loosely with the word here) scroll - in desktop, mobile and tablet format. It gives daily news, inspiration, information about the artists, events, articles with a preview. It's simple to grasp and you can make your own informed choice of what you're going to consume.

Social media is heavy on the aestethics on the visual side, but mainly as an addition to the messages and news - because the whole brand in itself is so beautiful, it's easy to share on social the merch and editorial photos and for it to be a stand-alone product/platform for people to follow and consume.