UI for an online bank - Klaver


UI for an online bank aimed at millenials. The gist is - this is a bank that exists only in the digital realm, with no offices. They needed a brand, UI and a working prototype, card design and all that with only a logo to give. 

I took on the mission with the idea, that an online bank with no real-life offices needs to somehow come across absolutely reliable, honest, transparent and real (and because it's a bank - somewhat traditional). So i took on the project with "real life feel" in mind, mixed it with the aimed segment and decided on a 3D and neumorphism approach. 

Applications Used / Timescale

Adobe XD (UI)
Adobe Dimension, Blender (3D)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Time spent: 17h (Measured with Toggl). 
Made as a concept project with Briefbox