Creating a brand identity for a
Stoke's Croft based
edgy music venue
inspired by architecture surrounding it. 

Applications Used / Timescale

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. 
Time spent: 19h 30min (Timed with Toggle)
This is a concept project made with Briefbox


Looking for inspiration and researching the area. What to take as a key element to start the building process? I stumbled upon the fact that street art is a crucial part of the community, they pride themselves on the fact that they have a few Banksys on the street and that was a good enough point to start mixing the brief and the findings to an actual piece of design. 


In the sketching phase i knew i needed to incorporate stencil style, because of it's blockiness it gives the feel of modern architecture, the letters and elements are almost lego-like built together and also - because it's famously tied to graffiti style.  Logomark
Colour & Type & Graphics
Imagery, Signage, Merchandise
Website & Media presence